We carry a kernel of magic tucked within our souls, a light that shines when we’re in tune with the universe, and ourselves. When you tend to that seed of wisdom, it blooms into a deep and untouchable connection; a settling into the marrow of your true self, and an open trust in your intuition.

Let’s work together to get your light shining brightly.

Welcome to The Leaf Heart Path. I specialize in intuitive healing, psychic readings, and love all things Tarot.

Come walk with me a while.

Dawn walks


As a child I was sensitive, imaginative, and creative. I grew up summers playing on the shores of Lake Superior in the north woods of Upper Michigan. While I loved being with my close friends, I was instinctively solitary and found joy in reading, writing, and daydreaming amongst the trees. The natural world is still a source of magic and inspiration to me, as is connecting with and helping others.

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer and Psychic. I can sense emotions, feel energy, see and hear messages from spirit guides and angels, and I receive information in intuitive downloads. My goal is to provide you with messages for healing, soul discovery, and to pathways of new growth as you walk your journey in this lifetime.

I use tools such as Tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, and Runes to narrate the story of your current energy. With a little help from your Spirit Team, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, I channel guidance on how you can shift your energy into alignment with your inner compass and thereby step more fully into your power. 

The forest isn’t as dark and deep as it can seem. And on those especially knobby paths, twisted with roots and thick with undergrowth-on those nights with the heavy wildness pushing in and around you? There is a way through. Set your light shining brightly.