15 Signs you are Clairaudient!

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In the last post we discussed what clairaudience is: the ability to perceive auditory sounds from unseen and outside sources either in the brain or externally. Think you might be clairaudient? Here are 15 common signs of this intuitive ability.

Signs 1-5

  1. You are a musical person. You are gifted musically and/or enjoy music of many genres.
  2. Your career or hobbies involve speaking or listening and using a distinct voice such as a: writer, poet, singer, musician, actor, speaker.
  3. You are a natural listener or auditory learner. You might actually lean your ear in toward someone when they are speaking instead of making eye contact. You prefer to learn by listening versus hands-on or visual learning.
  4. You hear noises in the ear-buzzing, humming, pops, and sometimes sound dropping out of your ear completely.
  5. You talk to yourself, a lot. (I’m very guilty of this one!) You may talk yourself through tasks or have entire conversations in your head, or out loud.
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Signs 6-10

  1. You had an imaginary friend growing up.
  2. You’re highly sensitive or consider yourself an empath.
  3. You hear music in dreams and may recall the melody when you wake.
  4. You constantly hear music going in and out of your consciousness all day long.
  5. You hear noises-footsteps, tapping, knocking. This may be while you meditate or during times you are in flow state, or as you are falling asleep.
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Signs 11-15

  1. You’ve had conversations with Spirit Guides or Angels.
  2. You have heard the voices of your deceased loved ones.
  3. You’ve been audibly warned about an upcoming danger. This may involve a car accident, etc. This tend to be external warnings. 
  4. You’ve heard your name being called.
  5. You hear people speaking while you fall asleep and may even wake up with a greeting!

And finally, one more bonus sign; you startle easily and don’t like unexpected or loud noises!

These are 16 signs that you are clairaudient. Have you experienced any of these? Comment and share below!

Remember, as you are developing your intuition, it is unlikely you have encountered every one of these signs. Don’t be discouraged! The more you practice and work with your intuition, the stronger it gets. In the next post I’ll share some tips to strengthen your clairaudience.

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