Are you Claircognizant? 10 Signs you are!

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Claircognizance is the psychic sense defined as “clear knowing.” People who are claircognizant often have correct gut instincts about people and situations. They are logical and enjoy puzzling over solutions and tinkering with ideas. They know answers to questions without really thinking about them, and may know what others are about to say. 

Claircognizance can be a tricky psychic sense to work with, because interrupting awareness pops into your head, without anything tangible or logical to back up why your scoop is correct.

Here are ten signs that you may be claircognizant:

Signs 1-5

  1. You often use the phrase “I know.” Monitor your language; claircognizants are cerebral and will often use “I know” or “I understand,” in conversation and writing. Contrast the language of a clairvoyant, who is more likely to say, “I see,” or clairsentients who say, “I feel.”
  2. You enjoy learning or researching. You enjoy puzzles, logical thinking, learning about new things, or researching the past. You are often engaged in learning endeavors and enjoy figuring out how everything fits together. Your free time hobbies or reading material choices reflect a left-brained lean.
  3. Your intuition or hunches are often correct. You just know how something is going to work out; your best friend’s job opportunity, Saturday dinner plans, a surprise birthday party that won’t end up being a surprise…why? Because you just “know.” You have learned to trust these hunches and nudges because they are consistently correct.
  4. You can smell a rat a mile away! Like clairsentients, you may have a good instinct for situations, and other peoples’ intentions. Integrity is your middle name: You subtly perceive when someone’s intentions do not match their words, and this dissonance will drive you batty. You can’t stand being around others who put out this kind of disconnect. Be careful not to jump to conclusions, most people don’t realize when they are engaging in this kind of behavior.
  5. Solutions just pop into your brain. That problem you were puzzling over at work for weeks? You’re thinking about what’s for dinner on your commute home, and BOOM, there’s the answer! You may be washing dishes or get yourself into a similar flow state where solutions to problems bubble up into your consciousness. You may receive answers in your dreams as well. You might consider keeping a dream journal nearby, or have your phone ready to record your thoughts upon waking.

Signs 6-10

Photo by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash
  1. Interrupting thoughts=interrupting speech. Because this is a psychic sense, you can pick up on others’ energies unconsciously. Combine that with your mind running a mile a minute, and you may be someone who interrupts or talks on top of others. Not because you want to be rude, but because you know what they are going to say next, or you’ve jumped ahead in the conversation. 
  2. You are a teacher, writer, or in the sciences. Many claircognizants are in industries of science, writing, or teaching. They are lifelong researchers, learners, and scholars, and are mentally sharp. Even if you aren’t in one of these fields, just being someone who is open to new knowledge is a sign of claircognizant abilities. Always a student, never a master is a motto you live by.
  3. You are the go-to person for advice and answers. People come to you for solutions to their problems. They may be personal in nature, or work/task related. Your frequent intuitive downloads and “hits” make you a favorite of others for advice on day-to-day issues.
  4. You enjoy learning on your own. You prefer to take new information in on your own. You like to make sense of how things fit together in a solitary manner. You may eschew the use of directions because you will figure things out in your own way!
  5. You may have been called a “know-it-all” at one point or another in your life. Whether in school growing up, by family members, or even other adults, you are the “smartie-pants” or “know-it-all.” You own your inner Hermione Granger. And like Hermione, you may have been successful in school.

Remember, we are all different, and you may not vibe with all of the above signs of claircognizance; but you may still possess claircognizance as a major intuitive sense. I know plenty of artists who are quite claircognizant, and school was not their jam. Like other psychic senses, claircognizance is inborn, and will manifest itself differently in each one of us. Interested in developing your claircognizance? In the next post I’ll go over some ways to strengthen your abilities.

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