Are you Clairsentient? -25 Signs you can feel

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Clairsentience is the psychic sense known as “clear feeling.” In the first post on this clair, I mentioned how energy follows the path of least resistance. For clairsentients, this includes sensing physiological reactions in the body as well as experiencing emotions in response to an outside and unseen stimulus. In Part 2, we are going to review 25 signs that you might be clairsentient.

Signs 1-5

  1. You identify as sensitive. 

How often have you heard, “you’re too sensitive?” Too many to count? This phrase is often shared by others as a way to highlight your uniqueness (and probably not in a kind way). Sometimes you feel like it’s all too overwhelming, and other times you embrace your empathic nature. Either way, you FEEL. 

You feel all the things. People’s emotions, the drama that went down in the conference room before you walked in, the news, break-up ballads, commercials, causes, other folks’ eyes on you. You are a highly sensitive person (HSP) all the way around.

2. You are observant.

Whatever its origins, you are a watcher. You would have been the lookout who caught the first whiff of danger for our paleolithic ancestors. Cliff! Saber-tooth cat! You are observant of people’s behavior and notice tiny details in your environment that others overlook.

3. You may identify as an introvert.

You recharge your batteries during alone time. Being on your own helps bring you some clarity while other people’s stuff gets cleared out from your aura during quiet time. You may also need more time alone after energy clearing to rebalance and replenish your energy supply. Oh hello, there you are!

4. People spill the tea.

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You have folks knocking on your door, wanting to share their latest family drama. You may find getting work done a challenge because you are constantly interrupted by colleagues coming to chat with you. Strangers may stop you on the bus to tell you about their lives. By holding space for others, you are gifting them a healing with your clairsentience, and your presence. You may wind up learning way more about people than you are comfortable with!

5. You have an open mind.

You try to hear all sides of a situation and not judge. It’s part of what makes you a great listener. Some folks may get upset because you don’t land on the side of the fence that they want you to. You do your best to truly understand others regardless.

Signs 6-10

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6. You attract some unsavory characters (living or dead).

Maybe it’s your lighthouse-huge aura that draws others in, but you attract all kinds of people, like moths to a flame. Whatever the reason, empaths tend to grab the attention of others, and you may wind up at odds with the part of you who wants to help the person standing in front of you, and the part that wants to shutter down those boundaries. If you sense anything off or energy that makes you uncomfortable, step away, pull on your crown and step into your sovereignty. You don’t need to spend time with folks (or spooks) who drain your batteries.

7. You have a wonderful self-care routine (or you need to develop one).

You put other peoples’ needs before yours, you listen and take on others’ pain, you feel all the emotions of everyone over your day. Unwinding might be taking a salt bath, lighting some candles, taking a walk, or clearing yourself through a quick meditation or prayer. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. Sometimes two minutes does the trick. You know what works for you. And you are vigilant about it. Because if you aren’t, you may wind up drained or waking up on the wrong side of the bed. If you haven’t started figuring out what self-care is for you, consider this a nudge from the universe.

8. You’re tired.

Your batteries get drained pretty easily. Many empaths unknowingly push their own energy out into others, and allow others’ energies into their own auric fields. This can be the reason why you always need that late afternoon nap.

9. You’re sick.

Not only are you tired, but you may be sick. After years of chronically allowing others’ energies into your aura and ignoring your soul’s call for self-care, you may be diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, or your doctors may call you their special patient. Meds may also impact you differently than others. You may be sensitive to caffeine, too.

10. Boundaries.

Boundaries are something you struggle with. Perhaps it’s the watcher in you, the lack of judgement, and huge empathic heart. You love people and want to help, but your boundaries may not be particularly strong. This may be part of the reason you end up drained, wanting to retreat, and needing a time out from others for a while. Many clairsentients need to learn how to set up proper boundaries in the waking world, and with spirits, too. When I started noticing spirits visiting me at all hours of the night, I had to put anchor charts around my house telling them when it was OK to contact me. What actually helped was when I started sticking to those rules and refusing to acknowledge any entities that came in during times when I wasn’t meditating.

Signs 11-15

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11. You may not like your image on social media.

I was always funny about my picture being taken while growing up. I would deliberately try to mess with my image by making faces or turning away from the camera (this is before social media-I’m dating myself here). My mom loved the Elvis lip sneers!  I also hated being filmed. Even today, it is a struggle to put my own face out there. I know if I do, people have access to my energy. As I became older, I was subconsciously aware this was the case and tried to control the picture taking. As an adult, I can read people through photos. I won’t do it unless I am giving a reading, but sometimes peoples’ energy just jumps out at you. It happens unintentionally. I still struggle with the idea of being seen, and you will often find me behind the camera, not in front of it. 

12. You fall in love with everyone.

Oh, you’ve spotted someone’s potential! You understand their point of view. Sometimes you also catch their feelings towards you, and mistake them for your own love or lust. By keeping strong boundaries, it can help you differentiate between someone else’s attraction (or potential) and your true feelings.

13. Animals and children are drawn to you.

If anyone is going to hold the title of Disney princess, it’s you. Birds may approach you, forest critters, stray animals, that one tough dog or cat that nobody else can get to chill. They’ll approach and keep you company. Kiddos are quick to trust and want you to engage. They’ll open right up to you.

14. You have family members who are clairsentient.

Nature or nurture? A bit of both, perhaps. Clairsentient parents may try to foster similar proclivities in their own children, or there may be some kind of neurological patterning that makes us a bit different than others. You often hear psychics or mediums say they are one in a line of generations stretching back. Or you may be the first!

15. You may come from a trauma background.

If it isn’t nature, the flipside of the nurture aspect may be that you have some family trauma. This may tie into the #2 idea: you are a watcher. Sometimes that is the result of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Observant individuals may have had to be that way in order to read a caregiver’s moods. Maybe you had to step up early and be the parent, which may tie into #10: boundaries. Often when we jump into a parenting role early, it’s a difficult habit to break.

Signs 16-20

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16. You’ve relied on your gut to get you out of situations.

You may feel an elevator-like drop in your stomach, or a tightening there when something is dangerous, or if you’re on the wrong track. On the flip side, you may feel an expansive lifting in your solar plexus when a choice is right for you. “Follow your gut,” is your mantra.

17. You kick ass with pick-a-card readings. 

Want to test this one out? Check out a pick-a-card reading on your favorite social media platform. Take a moment and tune in before choosing your card pile. Your gut should tell you which pile resonates the most with your current energy. To me, it is an expansive rushing of energy in my solar plexus. I can tell which videos or pictures have messages for me just by glancing at the thumbnail. I skip over the ones that don’t!

18. You may pick up on information through psychometry.

This is when you get psychic information about someone through touch. You can hold an antique ring and get information about previous owners. Sometimes it feels good, and sometimes not so great.

19. You avoid antique stores or places with a long history of human habitation or violence.

Antique stores have their own unique feeling. To me it is oppressive and choking. There are too many energies competing for attention at once. Old wood seems to hold more energy than china for me. Plus there are often deceased individuals who still really love their old dining room hutch. No thank you. 

Battlefields are similar. I once visited Gettysburg with a close friend and I could feel the energy of the town before we even got into it. It was fascinating, but very overwhelming. I remember feeling compelled to lie on the ground because it was the last view that a soldier saw before he passed. (Did I mention that a sign of clairsentience is that others might find your behavior eccentric or dramatic?)

20. Crowds are difficult.

For many of the reasons listed above. You may become sensitive enough that you can’t do large crowds or live in big cities because of the sheer volume of people there.

Signs 21-25

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21. You are moved by music.

You can feel the energy behind music, the vibrations in the air, and the performers as they play. A concert can feel like sheer joy. I’ve had moments of synesthesia with music where I can actually feel and see the sound in my head. Usually it’s white and looks like complex shapes and patterns that match the vibrations and rhythm of the music.

22. You can feel stagnant energy.

Stagnant energy feels a bit choking to me. The crawlspace in my home is one example of a place that doesn’t get much fresh air. When the holiday decorations come out, I’m usually not too excited about dragging them out of there. Abandoned buildings have a similar feel-and, to boot, stagnant energy can attract earthbound entities. Earthbounds (or ghosts) have a choking feeling to me, a heaviness like an elephant is standing on my chest.

23. You literally get pulled or drawn to places.

You may find yourself minding your own business on a road trip, and find there is an area you HAVE to go see. It’s as though your entire body is a compass or magnet, and you are pulled to go investigate. Often this happens with areas that have accumulated a lot of astral debris, have a unique energy signature, or something big has happened there. I recommend calling up some similarly open friends for day trips; it can be quite fun to see where you end up, and what you discover.

24. You love plants or crystals.

They are so cool, and you can feel it. Different kinds of crystals project a different feeling. Some are very comforting, others tingly and high-vibe. Plants also have their own unique language. You may have been a rock hound as a kid and not have known why!

25. You can feel the difference between energy and frequencies that other people can’t detect. 

Angels, archangels, ascended masters, sprit guides, elementals, earthbound spirits (ghosts), ET’s (yeah, I’m going there), and those who have crossed over; each have a unique feel to them. You may be able to tell by your emotional response and the feelings in your body who else is visiting right now. And when you develop your other clairs, you’ll have an even more clear picture of who is.

The Psychic Sponge

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These are 25 signs you may be clairsentient. Keep in mind that some of these examples may be indicative of someone who isn’t yet in step with their clairsentience. When we are out of sync with this powerful gift, we are more likely to be a psychic sponge who is tired, sick, ungrounded, and takes on everyone else’s stuff. With development, clairsentience is a powerful tool for connecting with others. While some clairsentients are sweet and nurturing, others project a calm power and groundedness, and many still haven’t yet learned they are clairsentient. They may require space and distance or can come across as temperamental or prickly. 

As I went to publish this post, I was already thinking of signs I’d missed. How many do you identify with? What other signs would you include on this list?

We’ll wrap up clairsentience in the next post with some tips and tricks on developing this psychic sense.

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