Can you see me?- 20 Signs That You are Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance is a psychic sense that means “clear seeing.” Suspect you may be clairvoyant? Here is a list of 20 signs that you may be developing your third eye.

Signs 1-5

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  1. You are a visual person. Not an auditory person, or a person who needs to tinker with things. You prefer visuals, pictures, photos, videos, any kind of illustration. These help you process directions, and to break things down in a way that clicks for your brain.
  2. You often describe things using the language of sight:  “I see what you mean.” A clairaudient may say, “I hear you.” A clairsentient may say, “I feel you.” Your expressive language revolves around the visual.
  3. Visual details are your thing. You may not remember the sound of the orchestra, or how the orchestra’s music made the hair on your arms stand up, but you remember the details of the musicians’ clothing, their instruments, the details inside the theater. Your memory banks may contain an entire visual story you created while they were playing. Do you remember maps, what people were wearing today, the Macy’s department store window? You probably LOVE Pinterest!
  4. You are a vivid dreamer. Dream recall is not a problem for you (this may be on the uptick if you are opening up). You remember specific details of who was in your dream, and what certain details of the setting and action looked like. You may see faces of people you do not know, and don’t think you’ve ever seen before. These could be deceased ancestors, guides, or other members of your Spirit Team!
  5. You imagine plans from start to finish. You see an outcome for projects. People doing jobs, coming together to share in something. You are good at overseeing these plans because you have such an eye for detail. You may be a long-range planner or event planner.

Signs 6-10

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  1. You are a daydreamer. You are constantly daydreaming…or your daydreams are quite vivid and a rich source of inspiration for your waking life. (Or a fun form of escapism!)
  2. You can easily visualize the setting, characters, and actions in a novel. Or when someone is telling you about their weekend escapades! You can picture what other people look like, what they are wearing, and how they move around in their worlds.
  3. You are moved by beauty. Physical beauty in others, the beauty of art and good design, aesthetics of architecture. I remember stepping into Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and just felt this shift in my soul. The place was perfect. It made me feel so at ease, and all was right with the world. If this is you, you see the beauty in everyone and everything. You may be a hairdresser, makeup artist, designer, or esthetician.
  4. You have a good sense of direction. This may be an indicator you are a Wayfinder. If you have an eye for maps, and a good internal compass, this also can point to clairvoyant ability. Do you easily recall landmarks, streets as they are laid out, or even paths in the forest? You can trust the direction you are going without too much effort.
  5. You see flashes of light, orbs, or colored lights. These may be accompanied by a feeling that you are being watched or others are nearby. These could be signs of angels, spirit guides, or elementals hanging out with you!

Signs 11-15

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  1. You see things out of the corner of your eyes. It may be shadows darting around, or movement. These could be energies that we can only see with the periphery of our visual field.
  2. You see colors during meditations. This may happen as your clairvoyance begins to open up. As I mentioned in the first post on clairvoyance, I had scared my psychic sight into shutting down. Gentle chakra meditations were one the first ways I got things open again. I began to see colors and shapes as I visualized the main chakras of the body.
  3. You see energy like a grey mist, wavy lines, or elements like a mirage. The air may feel a bit thicker. These points may be portals, a collection of energy, a spirit, or a guide. I usually see a fine grey mist, and if I’m not sure if it’s a result of candle smoke, I check in with my clairsentience to see if it’s spiritual or manmade.
  4. You see symbols when meditating, or you see written language. I received an attunement from my higher self when I first met her in meditation. She shared with me a series of golden symbols that integrated themselves into my astral body. (If meeting your soul sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend Meet Your Soul by Elisa Romeo. It is profound.) I love to read, so it is no wonder that I see written clairvoyant images. I see words, phrases, sentences, or larger blocks of text. When I was first opening up, the pictures moved WAY too fast for me to keep up (and I’m a speed reader!), or they were shrouded in black, so it was difficult to make out. If this is you, keep in mind that the more you meditate, the easier the reading becomes!
  5. You see faces during meditation or while falling asleep. This was a big one for me. I started seeing random faces of people while meditating or falling asleep. Sometimes they appeared like a slideshow, one after the other and rather rapidly. Other times they would be detailed and clearly trying to speak to me. I had one instance where a family member lost a granddaughter. Her granddaughter came to me as I was falling asleep. She looked beautiful and healthy, and was saying my name-but I couldn’t hear her. My clairaudience wasn’t as developed at that time. I could read her lips but only understood my name. She was rather exasperated! Unfortunately, I fell asleep before the message was delivered. The next morning, another person in the home said she was also falling asleep at that time and heard a female’s voice say her name! Her spirit moved from one open person to another to get messages across.

Signs 16-20

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  1. You can see auras or energy fields. Some healers are gifted with the ability to see other people’s auras. This may be with your eyes, or in your mind’s eye. I have met others who can do this easily-they may see an orange glow, or black if there is something going on in the physical body (although that depends on the person’s personal symbology). I can pick up on people who have healing abilities. If I go into a meditative state (or I’m falling asleep on an airplane-it’s happened by accident on more than one occasion), I will see an emerald green glow around a person. I may see Archangel Raphael near that individual too. On a flight from Missoula to Detroit, I noticed a lovely girl pass by to get to her seat. As I was drifting off, she popped up in my mind’s eye and was surrounded by glowing green light. She then proceeded to start clearing my auric field by pulling debris from it using her hands! I doubt she had any idea she was doing it. When we arrived in Michigan, it was at a larger terminal. We must have bumped into each other three times going to a smaller terminal. I’m not sure if I was supposed to strike up a conversation. I felt a compulsion, but I am not someone who interrupts others’ daily lives to interject what I sense about their abilities. I figure if she is on the healing path, she will get there however she is meant to!
  2. You have had visitations from deceased loved ones where you could see them clearly. It may have been in a dream, during a meditation, or after their passing. Visitations are always more sensory rich; their quality and tone is much sharper and more real than a typical meditation vision or an ordinary dream. I clearly recall a visitation from my Granny Graham who passed when I was a child. I suddenly could smell her perfume, see her favorite blue sweater, feel its texture, and the texture of her skin, her curled white hair, and the wisdom spots on her face. All those little details that I hadn’t remembered in decades were suddenly fresh in my mind. This is a sign of clairvoyance at work.
  3. You can see spirit guides or angels. They may have been imaginary friends when you were young. I don’t remember having any myself, but I do see angels both as people, and also as columns of light or pure saturated color. You may see these with your vision or in your mind’s eye.
  4. You’ve seen ghosts. Ghosts are residual auric layers of those who were once living. They can also be totally intact souls who did not cross over. I tend to refer to them as earthbound spirits. They are not the same as someone who crosses over and into the light, or heaven. When you see a ghost, it can be a bit unsettling, especially if you are young. Or startling- if you didn’t realize you had abilities, and you suddenly open up at a later age. I have seen many manner of spirits at this point in my development. Earthbounds can look like many different things.
  5. You catch the little details that others don’t. The texture of a rug. The way the sunlight hits the water and creates millions of little sparkles. The shape of the clouds on a summer day. What color rubber ball you got out of the quarter machine at the Phar-Mor when you were seven-years-old. You have a brilliant mind that captures details and you can radiate that beauty outward into the world for the rest of us to enjoy.

Those are 20 signs you may be clairvoyant. What signs have you experienced? What other signs would you include on this list?

In the next article I’ll cover ways to develop your clairvoyance. See you then, fellow journeyers.

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