The Spiritual Significance of Owls

Photo by Kevin Mueller on Unsplash

I woke from dreamless sleep to an owl’s cries outside my bedroom window. I was in the woods on Lake Superior in October. As its calls plucked my consciousness from the void, my soul shivered. Breathing suspended. The moment crystallized. Within my bones bloomed a deep recognition.

The owl called again.

It was then I knew my friend was going to die.

(You can read about her story in the Night Workers post, right here.)

Who’s Who?

Photo by Taleon Pinheiro on Unsplash

Owls have a rather polarizing reputation. Depending on where you live, your beliefs, your culture, you may revere the owl, or fear the owl. (Or in the case of some of my bird nerd friends, they will stick to enjoying owls as raptors, thank you very much.) 

Owls are fascinating. Their fluffy flight feathers make them nearly silent as they stalk their prey, their luminous eyes are immobile, boosting depth perception to extremes, and they are crowned by that gloriously absurd head rotation. (But, a field mouse would then notice the beak-and the claws, the asymmetrical ears-the better to hear you with, my sweet.)

Owls are pretty cool. We loved them in the Harry Potter books and films. Pop culture has helped cast the birds into some specific niches, which has reinforced our own ideas about them.  

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I came out of the Spiritual Closet, again. My profile picture on my woo woo IG account is now my actual face and not some random close-up of a north woods birch tree. If people from my mid-sized city take a gander, they’ll recognize me, as much as they may recognize a camera-shy introvert (I like taking pictures, not being in them).

Cue the double take. “Isn’t that…?”

I was a public school teacher for 16 years.

Until this month. 

I’m now a free agent, so here I am.


My former colleagues, families, and students who stumble across this page may recognize the camera-shy, introverted, and calm teacher. And they may not like this version of me. But, it’s time to step into alignment.

I’ve been moving down this road for a while now, dodging behind trees and scraggly bushes, staying hidden in the dark, occasionally stepping into a moonlit patch of grass when I encountered a similar wandering soul. Those conversations were often brief, until I started to find others who were like me.

My close friends and family knew I was “woo woo” the first time I came out, about ten years ago. It was a scary awakening (I was raised to respect science, not the unexplained new feelings exploding out of my body-hello synesthesia, or the visions of deceased people coming to me at night). I managed to learn to deal with some of these abilities and random experiences, and most of my folks were supportive, even if some didn’t agree. I figured out quickly who I was opening up to, and who I wasn’t. 

So here I am. The anxiety is high again. People can actually see me, and I’ve spent so many years hiding.

I’m equal parts wired and thrilled. It’s taken a decade to get here, and the last several years I’ve felt like I have been pulling myself out of sticky thick quicksand. I may be thoroughly coated in mud, but I am putting my face out to the general public. Finally, owning The Weird. Embracing who I am and dropping the facade.

So here it is: Hello everyone! I am Andrea Graham, an Intuitive Healer and Psychic. I can sense emotions, feel energy, see and hear messages from spirit guides and angels, and I receive information in intuitive downloads. (Did I mention I love long walks in the woods, crystals, and everything Tarot?)

I hope to be connecting more with you all soon. Let’s talk Awakening for those who are just starting their journeys. Tarot spreads. What creates a good healer. And boundaries for the wayward night walkers who wake you out of a deep sleep. (Being a Kindergarten teacher really helped with boundary setting.)

While there may always be folks I still omit truths to, there will be a little less hiding behind paper thin birch skin on this new path. Glad to be with you, woo woo crew. See you in the woods.