Clairaudience: Can you hear me?

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What do you think of when you hear the word, clairaudience? Hearing? Music? The movies? Disembodied voices commanding an unfortunate soul to carry out their sinister orders? Angels appearing clearly before you and sharing messages?

Reality is not as thrilling as what Hollywood would like us to believe. 

In truth, clairaudience often sounds like our own voice, in our own heads. The same voice we use when we are thinking through a problem or talking to ourselves in the aisles of the Piggly Wiggly. Clairaudience isn’t as bombastic as we may anticipate, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enriching, powerful, or exciting in its own way.

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is the psychic sense of “clear hearing.” A person who possesses this intuitive sense is referred to as a clairaudient. Clairaudients hear things from outside sources that are not typically perceived. This hearing often happens inside the brain as an intrusive thought, or in more rare cases, outside the ear as we would typically process hearing. Like our everyday sense of hearing, clairaudience encompasses a wide variety of sounds. These might include voices, popping or hissing in our ears, a high pitched buzzing noise, music, or other environmental and natural noises. 

Energy follows the path of least resistance; those who use hearing as a primary sense will experience clairaudience as the channel that intuitive information flows through the most readily.


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Clairaudients may hear voices that chime in to warn or protect if something is about to happen. They may hear people talking as they drift off to sleep, or find someone greets them in the morning as they wake. They may have dreams where they are composing or hearing beautiful music, which they may be able to document when they wake (or it may slip through their fingers as they shrug off sleep). Clairaudients may hear voices of their spirit guides in their heads as they meditate. They may hear strange buzzing, popping, or whining noises in their ears. 

People who are strongly clairaudient will experience this phenomena at any point throughout the day or night. Psychics who are just developing their intuitive sense of hearing may get interrupted during sleep a bit more than seasoned lightworkers. Setting boundaries early on is a best practice.

People who identify as clairaudients are usually involved with occupations and hobbies that involve speaking and listening. They may be teachers, public speakers, actors, musicians, or writers. Using the throat chakra, the voice, and ears often is a hallmark of someone who may be clairaudient.

A Perfect Partner

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Clairaudience is a beautiful and enriching intuitive sense to work with. It provides steady information to back up any other psychic information that comes through. Most of us have a primary psychic sense, and a secondary. If your primary gift is clairsentience, or clear feeling, your information comes to you in physical sensations, moods, and inner bodily feelings. It can be a challenge to discern where these insights are coming from as there isn’t a vision or speech to back up what these feelings mean. If you also possess the gift of clairaudience, you have a lot more to work with. You can ask, “why do I suddenly feel dizzy?” And you receive an audible answer from your spirit team. Or, “why do I feel all the hairs standing up on my arms?” It may be because you have a deceased loved one nearby, and you might hear their name or voice. Clairaudience can enrich the other psychic senses we have, and is a beautiful gift all on its own.

Working with Clairaudience

Clairaudience requires practice and discernment to learn the difference between ordinary thought and psychic phenomena. Not all outside and unseen voices are psychic in nature. There are also people who have mental health disorders which include visual and aural hallucinations. Often these hallucinations have a negative bend to them, which is not how spirit guides or deceased loved ones will speak to you. And sometimes these individuals are also clairaudient, which makes discernment incredibly important.

Working with clairaudience requires some dedication and patience, but it is well-worth the effort!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Share your thoughts with us below!

In the next articles on this psychic sense, I’ll talk about signs of clairaudience, and how to develop this incredible intuitive gift. 

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