Cutting Cords

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We’ve all been there, in that space where you can’t shake someone from your head. 

Those unwanted intrusive thoughts that keep popping up over a spat with a sibling, or long term family drama with a parent. Perhaps it’s an unresolved romantic relationship occupying your mental real-estate, or a long-term friend who has wounded you. You may be stuck in workplace drama, surrounded by difficult administrators, narcissistic coworkers, or challenging clients. Or maybe someone from your childhood has been living in your headspace, rent-free for the last 30 years! 

Any situationship or relationship that stirs up feelings of distress, disappointment, or even trauma can be addressed in a cord cutting session. 

Cord cutting sessions happen to be my favorite intuitive healing practice as a clinician, and as a client nothing makes me more light and clear-headed!

So, what are cord cutting sessions and how do they work?

What are cords?

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Anytime we meet someone, our auric fields come into contact, be it in person, or at a distance. (Yes, video calls count, too!) The more often we connect, the more our auric fields overlap and enmesh. Enmeshment involves us taking on energy that isn’t ours. This energetic linkage and accumulation can be thought of as its own structure-the energetic cord. 

Energetic cords carry the weight of others’ emotional experiences, beliefs and attitudes, traits, traumas, and their general personalities. Cords encode and hold the energetic equivalent of our relationship dynamics. These dynamics run the gamut from joy to rage to sorrow to contentment, and anything in between.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

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Cord cutting practitioners categorize cords into two groups. Soul Cords possess all the joyful and positive aspects shared between individuals who have a deep relationship. For example, a Soul Cord carries the loving vibration of shared memories between a set of close siblings. Soul Cords are not formed between people we don’t know well, or between those with whom we have brief encounters. The Soul Cord cannot be cut, these positive energies will always remain intact.

The second type of cords are negative cords, which carry the heavy and negative emotional characteristics of our relationships. Suppose you discover your partner was unfaithful; the negative cord between you will vibrate with all the feelings you experienced when you learned they were cheating on you. This may include jealousy, resentment, paranoia, rage, sorrow, longing or clinging, for example. You may find that the feelings of anger, inadequacy, and a tendency to people please continue to linger, beyond you going your separate ways. As the negative cord’s structure is still intact, it permits the flow and build up of these challenging energetics.

Why should we cut cords?

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Because negative cords’ vibrational charge accumulates as astral debris in our auric field, we begin to collect and keep these negative energies as our own. Over time this weighs us down at the energetic level, and as a result, impacts our emotional body. 

You may find emotions you thought you had let go of continue to crop up.

You may feel foggy, drained, or emotionally reactive and not know why. When you cut negative cords with someone, it severs the flow of the negative energy between you. This allows your auric field to bounce back to its natural equilibrium, leaving you with a new expansiveness and by default, this is an invitation for more positive energies to enter into your life!

Cord Cutting FAQ’s

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What are benefits to cutting cords?
  • improved relationships
  • a sense of closure
  • taking back your power
  • limiting the influence of the situation on you going forward
  • a sense of relief
  • feeling above the fray
  • Some clients have reported physical benefits such as-increased strength, a lessening of pain in the physical body, general easing of tension, increased appetite, & better sleep.
When should you consider cutting cords?
  • after a breakup
  • if you have an unresolved relationship/situationship
  • you are involved in a challenging relationship
  • you have experienced a trauma
  • you have a stressful friendship or partnership
  • you are empathic or identify as co-dependent
  • you have difficult family dynamics
  • you are haunted by past experiences
  • you find it difficult to move on
Who can you cut cords with?
  • ex-lovers and spouses
  • friends
  • parents
  • biological or adoptive parents
  • siblings
  • children
  • childhood friends
  • bullies
  • teachers, coaches, & mentors
  • difficult employers, employees, &clients
  • those who have hurt you
  • Anyone!

If you’re ready for release, to learn more, or to book a session, you can follow the link here for more information!

If you have any questions or comments about cord cutting, leave a note in the comments below!

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