Four Simple Ways to Clear Your Energy

Are you looking for uniquely simple ways to clear your energy? Then look no further! Welcome to my blog series detailing 100 easy ways to keep your energy clean, and your vibration high. Read on to discover how to keep things sparkling!

It’s your time to shine!

Number 1

  1. Don’t make your bed first thing in the morning. Are you cringing? It may seem counter-intuitive, but you need to let your bed linens breathe. You’ve been busy all night; tossing and turning, sweating, and dreaming for the last eight plus hours. That’s a long time to stay in one place. Pair this with yesterday’s worries, frustrations, and any additional muck from going out ensures you’re marinating in a hot dish of your own energetic stew! 

Additionally, when we sleep, we’re more energetically open. Even if you don’t remember your dreams, sleep is THE prime time for visiting energies to drop in, whether you recall the contact or not. You may be astral projecting, or you could be a night worker and not realize it. These scenarios make for all kinds of unique energetic encounters, all of which you carry with you back to your bed. 

So, don’t make your bed first thing in the morning. If you can, roll the sheets down, let them air out, and open a window, or use a clearing essential oil spray. Let the sunshine pour into the space for a while, as that will also help move things along. You can also air your duvets, covers, and quilts outside-even in cold weather-the fresh air does wonders for clearing energy. A simple alternative is to change your sheets frequently.

Let the sun shine in

Number 2

2. Watch your feet. You’re busy, and so are your shoes. Hitting the pavement, the sticky bar floor, the subway, your workspace. The accumulated energy of every single person (and the spaces themselves) can hitch a ride on your footwear. Make it a practice to take your shoes off when you enter your home. Implementing this house rule not only keeps people from tracking dirt and debris into your living space, but it stops all energetic crud from hitchhiking inside, too. 

Once you remove your shoes, spend a moment clearing the energy underneath your soles, whether using massage, an intention, or an essential oil spray. Perhaps a combination of all three. You’ll want to periodically clean your shoes as well. For an extra layer of sparkle, use a salt scrub in the shower or bath to tackle tacky energetic buildup under your heels and toes. 

Shoes off!

Number 3

3. Cold water is your friend. My grandfather grabs my arms, and shoves them under the faucet in the kitchen of his old house in Chicago. Turning on the cold tap full blast, he then takes my hands and flicks the water off of my fingertips. He says, “this is how you get rid of the bad stuff. Got it, Babydoll?”

My grandfather had been dead for fifteen years when he shared this bit of wisdom with me. 

I was dreaming, and his advice was spot-on.

Cold running water can be used to purify your energy (just put your hands under the faucet). You can use a little bit of that same water to clear stagnant or unwanted energies. All you need to do is to flick it, spray it, or dump it to get things moving. 

This is probably my number one go-to energy clearing practice. When I’m near a lake, I clear my crystals and myself in her waters. It always reminds me of Grandpa emerging from his Lake Superior sunrise swims. His go-to line, “it’s refreshing!” booming across the shoreline (Read: cold as hell!) There’s nothing quite like cold moving water to boost your energy, and to clear anything stuck or stagnant out of your system! Thanks, Grandpa!

Hanging with Grandpa by the river.

Number 4

4. Get naked. Just kidding😉Seriously though, change your clothes when you get home. Remember tip number two, that our shoes carry energetic residues on them? The same thing can be said of our clothing. When I taught public school, the first thing at the end of a long day was to get out of my teaching clothes. It wasn’t germs I was worrying about. What got me was the hefty weight of energetic accumulation on my clothing. It wasn’t just my “stuff,” but everybody else’s, too. And that meant the contact with hundreds of people during my day which included the mingling of our energies.

I’m sensitive enough at this point, that I can tell when an item of my clothing has seen too much action between washes. But even if you can’t feel that right now, no worries. Toss it right into the hamper if you’re unsure!

Tip: If you’re in a pinch and need to reuse something, you can try the cold water cleanse, a little sunshine and an open window and see if that makes a difference.

What are your go-to energy clearing practices? The more you implement good energetic hygiene, the more sensitive you become to energy. These four tips can help you manage that sensitivity, and lift the energy, mood, and vibration of both you and your living space. Stay tuned for more in this energetic clearing series!

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