How Do You Shine? Evergreen Pick-a-Card Reading

I share weekly pick-a-card readings on Instagram and in my Facebook group. I thought I’d extend some of those readings to this platform. This particular reading focuses on a unique quality that makes you shine! Keep reading to check out the results of this intuitive experiment.

This won’t be for everyone. If you feel a pull, scan the photo, close your eyes, take some deep breaths (exhale twice as long), and choose the card that lights you up. Photos and messages are below. This reading uses The Wild Unknown Archetype Deck by Kim Krans.

How do you shine?

Pile 1: The Flame

The Flame

Literally the embodiment of light when you are plugged in, the wick is lit, the spark growing. YOU GLOW. You attract others with your creativity, bright shine, warm personality. You make things happen and can work with the universe to manifest things easily. You may have a big personality, a wonderful laugh, and may be the life of the party. You draw others like moths to a flame! Be sure not to burn your candle at both ends. Recharge your batteries and take care of you to avoid burn out. Shine on!

Pile 2

The Shadow

The world needs more people like you! You are able to sit with others and be truly present. You are the friend that others go to for advice or a listening ear. You are able to see beyond judgement and hold space for your nearest and dearest, even when others shy away. You may get flack at times because you are so diplomatic-you can see both sides of a situation and won’t land on either side of the fence. You may be an excellent mediator, you can keep your cool in heated situations. People respect your thoughts and you. Keep shining your light, especially in the shadow!

Pile 3: The Healer

The Healer

It is often said that those with the best medicine have been wounded themselves. You are the wounded healer. You aren’t afraid of surrender and self-work. You are always looking for ways to crack open and reveal the pearl inside the hurt. You can’t help but naturally radiate this soul glow. People are drawn to you. You may be in a helping profession. You are a lightworker. Your gratitude and acceptance of the cycles of life make you a magnet for others. This isn’t doling out unsolicited advice, but a natural extension of who you are. You may be someone who goes with the flow or just allows. You are always on the inner quest.

Pile 4: The Mirror

The Mirror

You are comfortable with who you are, and that confidence is magnified outward. Others enjoy your company because you embrace yourself without judgement, and that acceptance radiates outward to others. You welcome new friends into the fold more readily than others. Authentic people are always glad to see you-those who are uncomfortable with themselves may get triggered around you as you hold that mirror up where they can see themselves clearly. You’ll see that in a little step back. Keep up your sparkle!


How did you do? Did your pick resonate with your current energy? Check out some of my other pick-a-card readings to test your intuitive development.

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