How to Become More Clairsentient

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Want to boost your psychic sense of clairsentience? Clairsentience is the psychic sense known as “clear feeling.” This is the third part of a series of posts on clairsentience. In part one, I introduced how energy follows the path of least resistance. For clairsentients, this includes sensing physiological reactions in the body as well as experiencing emotions in response to an outside and unseen stimulus. In part two, I shared 25 signs that you might be clairsentient, and not realize it! In this final post on clairsentience, I am going to share some tips and practices to help you develop the gift of your psychic feeling.

Become More Emotionally Clear

Hey there, little buddy
  • Therapy: You’ll hear me refer to this frequently. I often post about mental health on Instagram. I follow therapists, and I do the work. Clairsentience is connected to the heart and solar plexus chakras, we need to be in a good space ourselves to be a clear channel for information to come through. Taking care of our mental health is the most important gift we can give ourselves, and thereby be in a better space to connect with others in a healthy way.
  • Observing Nature: unplugging, being still, and observing nature is such a blessing. Maybe you’re a bird watcher, a chipmunk lover, or just love the feeling of the wind on your face, the sun on your skin, sand under your toes. Sitting outside with my animal friends, hiking and taking pictures, or listening to the waves on a lake are some of my favorite things to do. Spending time in nature calms you down, and quietly demands your presence. I mentioned in the signs post about how many clairsentients are watchers. We focus on our environment. We find ways to easily amuse ourselves. We can be still. We have an active inner world, and part of that is seeing the blessing in it all.
  • Boundaries. Instilling and maintaining boundaries works wonders for a burned-out empath. It can be hard work, but it is a necessity to see the delineation where you start and someone else ends. You may ruffle some feathers if you are someone who has more porous boundaries, but this is an act of honoring the self. Long term, you will grow into the space that you allowed others to occupy. Claim yourself.

Becoming Physically Clear

Go take a hike
  • Get grounded through something slow + physical-yoga or tai chi are great examples. Using clairsentience in a healing capacity or to help others requires us to be holding a space for ourselves. If we rush and push too far out and up from our lower chakras, we risk burnout and taking on others’ energy.  Implementing a yoga, tai chi, or Pilates practice grounds you into your body and are oft-ignored lower chakras. The movements require moment to moment presence of mind. It helps slow everything down (the racing monkey mind) and gets you in touch with muscles you may have not realized you had! 
  • Walk outside. Similar to the above example, if you can take a hike or walk, you are not only present to what’s going on around you, you are integrating that presence with your own physical form. Nature in and of itself is grounding and clearing. Go on and take that hike.
  • Get a massage. I’m not going to lie on this one. For years I hated to be touched by others. Before I was grounded in my psychic gifts, I had big work to do. When others touched me, I recoiled, because I took on their energy, and I had trust issues. I put a BIG WALL up here. No touching. When I finally allowed someone to care for me, the experience was incredibly healing. I won’t forget that first massage I had after I lost my son. My emotions were a snarly mess; I was snippy with the massage therapist, refused to disrobe, and spent a portion of it crying. But, something happened on the table-the practitioner’s mannerisms and his presence allowed me to let go. My entire chakra system lit up, and the poor neglected chakras in my feet blew wide open. So did my hands. My own healing ability got kicked up a notch as a result. For a couple of months, I ended up seeing this person weekly, and it was life changing. Massage got me more in balance with my emotions, in tune with my body, and helped clear out stagnant and negative energy. I made better choices with boundaries and in the relationships in my life. I don’t say no to hugs anymore, or massages. 
  • Go for Reiki or energy healing. Reiki is a perfect counterpoint to massage, and after your physical body has been cared for, Reiki helps to take care of the energetic side of the coin. Both modalities will help keep your energetic system clean and clear, allowing you to step more fully into yourself. Anytime I get Reiki, I can feel the energy flowing through the practitioner into myself. It’s a wonderful exercise in clairsentience.

A bit of this, a bit of that

Let’s swim
  • Chakra meditation– not only does meditation calm your mind, but it can also increase your clairsentient abilities. Specifically, chakra meditations where you practice opening and closing your main chakras can really boost the energy flow between your chakras, and increase your sensitivity. When I was going through my awakening process, this was something that let me know there was something to the concept of energy systems in our body, and something outside of ourselves that is much bigger than I had believed.
  • Cold water. I love to swim. The colder the water, the better. Studies show that mood-elevating hormone levels increase after spending time in cold water. Immersion, bathing, or swimming can improve your mental health-but also, the cool temperature helps you feel each and every part of your body which is good for many empaths who spend a lot of time dissociated, in their upper chakras, and out of their bodies.
  • Honor your feelings. If you’re sad, cry. If you’re depressed, allow. Remember that feelings are impermanent. This too shall pass. Be a witness and give yourself the TLC you need to get through hard times. This includes taking care of your body, too. If you’re hungry, eat. Tired, take a nap. Paying attention to the subtle shifts in your moods and energy can make managing sensitivity easier, and can allow you to be more at home in your skin. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Be human.

Get to Work

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  • Focus on your own environment. We are super sensitive to everything around us. If your space is a mess, you’re going to have a hard time staying tuned in to subtle changes around you. You might consider designating one area as a meditation spot or office, and keep that space clean and joyful for you. Being in an elevated mood makes it easier to connect and stay grounded.
  • Try some cold readings-you can conduct these intuitive experiments over at Anna Sayce’s blog, or work with a friend. Get a picture of someone you don’t know, and try to tune into their energy. For me, it is all about the eyes. Focus on the tiniest impression-it may be you feel anxious suddenly, or relaxed. This might tell you something about the person’s personality or their mood when the photo was taken. You may begin to pick up on other things as well. Just go with it. Your friend can give you feedback, or Anna has information about her subjects posted for you to follow-up on.
  • Practice psychometry. This is the practice of reading objects using your psychic senses. Repeat the above exercise, but try it with objects belonging to different people. Some folks have a real knack for this, and can trace an object’s history across various owners.

A Final Tip

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Clairsentience is the most common psychic gift; it is that primitive instinct that we all share from a distant ancestor. While the above suggestions will boost your clairsentience with practice and time, remember that this isn’t about looking for a quick fix where we are perfectly psychic overnight. Intuitive development is a process of unfolding. 

My number one slice of advice: Being present and fully integrated into who you are will make the biggest difference in your psychic sensing. 

Clairsentience is the primary clair of most healers, so if the above thoughts resonate with you, there is a good chance you are an empath, and a healer to boot. The world needs more of us out there, and your sensitivity is a blessing.

 Shine your light brightly, fellow journeyers. 

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