How you can Become More Clairvoyant

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I was lying in bed with my dog one spring evening. We were alone in the Lake Superior cabin that I love. We’d spent a great day hiking to some local waterfalls and I was tuckered out and content.

My head hit the pillow and I closed my eyes. Immediately, I saw the entire room in my mind’s eye. My attention pulled toward the doorway to the hall, and a man entered the room. He slowly walked toward the bed. He looked very ordinary; short brown hair, lean, average height to slightly above. Mid to late 50’s. He possessed one very unique feature.

His glowing red eyes.

My dog sat up and growled low in his throat, fixated on our late night visitor.

I knew there was no possibility on earth that I was dreaming this.

My dog’s head traced him as he stepped closer to the bed, I saw his movements in my mind at the same time.

He stopped at the edge of the bed. I felt dread wrap its fingers around my heart.

He reached out to me…

I’m going to stop right there, because not all clairvoyant experiences are this heart-pounding!

Clairvoyance has been life altering for me- both the spooky experiences, and the ethereal. 

If it weren’t for my clairvoyant abilities, I never would have seen what heaven looks like. I wouldn’t have been able to see an Archangel, or have developed the ability to spot fellow healers. 

If it wasn’t for clairvoyance, I wouldn’t be as effective in my healing practice.

So, are you interested in boosting your clairvoyant skills? 

In this series on clairvoyance, we’ve talked about what it looks like to see clairvoyantly, and I’ve shared 20 signs that you might be clairvoyant. In this post, let’s look at strategies you can use to boost your clairvoyance, today!


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As mentioned in the first post in this series, you need to work through any underlying fears surrounding seeing psychically.

It is possible for you to block your third eye chakra due to fear. 

This fear may take some time to be released. 

First, you’ll want to identify the source of any fear. Is it fear of seeing scary things? (It was in my case.) 

Or perhaps you’re afraid for other reasons. Is it acceptance of psychic phenomena? 

When I first opened up, I was afraid there was something psychologically wrong with me. I sought the help of a therapist who reassured me that it was an awakening. She pointed me toward a wonderful acupuncturist, and a medium and Reiki master. Both women were phenomenal in helping move stagnant fears and energies from my system. The Reiki master/medium helped me understand that these experiences were not going to go away. She and I dug into uncovering childhood experiences with the paranormal, and she gave me practical tips for shielding my aura from astral debris, and taught me how to “turn off” my abilities when possible. 

The other thing that many psychics are afraid of, is: how will I be seen when I reveal what’s been going on? Telling loved ones that you feel plant and crystal energy, and hear voices while falling asleep would give most people jitters. When I confided in my family members, my nearest and dearest were surprisingly fine with it. If they disagreed, they kept it politely to themselves. 

Any one of these factors can play into fear, which can block your clairvoyance.

I recommend doing the work to discover what your fear is. 

You aren’t alone in this! 

Work with a mentor, therapist, or other supportive and qualified individuals to get to the root of it. You can develop a plan to move forward and focus on your entire self during this time. You might get acupuncture, Reiki, or massage, to focus on your physical and energetic bodies. Meet with a counselor to address your emotional health. You could set up a breathwork and meditation practice, and dig into everything to help release fears.  

Finally, a mantra or affirmation you create surrounding this will push your acceptance further. You can research affirmations, but I find that the ones you create do the most good. Keep it positive and worded in the present tense.


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When you feel like you’re in a good place to move forward, you’ll want to practice opening and closing your chakras in your energy body. Anna Sayce has a lovely chakra meditation kit for this; it was her calming voice that walked me through this practice, then I began to see colors again! 

When you’re ready for it, begin some basic visualization exercises. You can imagine flowers opening and closing their petals, changing colors and shapes. Visualize yourself walking in your favorite place. Integrate all your senses. What do you smell, hear, and see? Do you stop to taste wild blueberries? Reach out and touch a fuzzy leaf, or a small toad as you help it cross the path? The more clearly you retrace these steps, day after day, the more crisp your images will become. One day, you may find that things start to change, follow that thread! It may not just be imagination, but your spirit guides popping in to help with your development.

There are loads of clairvoyant and third eye meditations out there to help keep your chakra clear, and to develop your clairvoyance. I highly recommend some guided meditations to get you going.

The Internal and the External

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Pay attention to your environment, the outer world, and your inner experience. You may start to see flashes of light, orbs, or shadows out of the corner of your eye. Energy may dart across the room.

You may also start to see colors, shapes, symbols, or faces as you drift off to sleep or enter a meditative state. These are all signs that you are on the right path!

Keep up the good work!


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Finally, write everything down!

It can be so easy to forget our psychic experiences if they aren’t in-your-face big. Everything counts.

You’ll want to look back over your experiences as you develop. Sometimes you start to notice patterns, or recognize faces. (Some clairvoyants can pick up on past energies, or take a sneak peak into potential futures as well.) You may enter the same place more than one time.

Journal and dig in. This is especially nice for those days you aren’t feeling so tuned in. Reviewing your visions can be a great pick-me-up.

The Buddy System

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I wrote about my clairvoyant breakthrough that happened with a close friend of mine in the first clairvoyant post. We got together semi-regularly, meditated, and I was able to answer a question she asked me as I received a vision in my mind’s eye.

We’d stuck to a schedule for a while, and I think that facilitated the interest of our guides and spirit team. They knew what to expect, where we would be, and what time things were going on.

We were able to verify one another’s experiences through our different psychic strengths, which is an amazing validation!

Putting it Together

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It wasn’t just the focus on the third eye that helped, visualization exercises, or meeting with a like-minded friend. What helped was focusing on it all; the groundwork I’d laid down, working on my physical, mental, emotional, and energy bodies. I believe everything is integrated. 

As above, so below. 

While working on one aspect of your experience, it can start a domino effect. For true healing, we need to knock all the dominos down. We need to look at our whole selves (even those dark spaces) to become better integrated and a clear channel for the light. 

This won’t be something that happens overnight. This is a lifelong journey. But starting the steps now can get your third eye open, primed, and ready to channel. You may surprised at how quickly things come when you release fear and allow!

Work it, Gently

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If you take one thing away today, it’s that this can take time. Be gentle with yourself as you are building up your psychic muscles. For me, it took years to get open enough to allow energy to flow through my third eye.

Don’t get discouraged if things don’t happen right away.

Set up a daily practice and keep going. Please share your experiences with us in the comment boxes below!

Developing your clairvoyance will provide beautiful and enriching experiences. It will allow you to delve into your own inner-quest, and can provide inspiration and answers for you to better shine your healing light for others to find their way.

I did figure out who the red-eyed man was. But I’ll save his story for another time… 👻

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