Intuition 101: We all can connect

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The sweet taste of a ripe mango. The hoot of an owl. Sunrise on a mountaintop. A massage. The scent of your grandma’s perfume. 

We take in multitudes of sensory information from our environment via our five senses. Our five senses work in tandem with our brains, and messages in our cells, to react in pleasure or pain to stimuli around us. This biological system that helps keep us safe from threats by gathering information from the world around us, also serves to keep us grounded in our bodily human escapades, and combined with our cognition, provides us with a gamut of experiences that enrich our human lives.

The Other Side of the Mirror

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We have spirit senses that mirror the earthly and bodily senses too. These senses are often referred to in new age terminology as “clairs,” from the french word, clair or “clear.” Like our five senses, they help us make meaning of stimuli; they can be used to keep us safe and grounded, allow us to meaningfully connect with others, and they help to enrich our daily human adventures.

Many folks may recognize some of these terms, either from pop culture as plot devices in movies, TV shows, or novels, from friends or family- or perhaps from their own psychic exploration. 

Here is a brief list of our spirit senses, and what they mean as some psychics and mediums understand them.

  • Clairvoyance: clear seeing
  • Clairaudience: clear hearing
  • Clairsentience: clear feeling
  • Clairalience: clear smelling
  • Clairgustance: clear tasting
  • Claircognizance: clear knowing

Interestingly, some of our strongest earthly senses mirror our strongest spirit senses. Are you a visual person? An artist? Then, you likely have a strong sense of clairvoyance. Are you sensitive, emotional, or do you like to help others? You likely have an abundance of active mirror neurons (brain cells that react to others’ actions via observation) and may identify as an empath. You also, probably, are very clairsentient.

The main difference between our earthly senses and our clairs is that these extra senses perceive things we humans may not normally discern. If you spend a little time developing your clairs, you may begin to pick up on other information that some may say isn’t there. 

Good Vibrations

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We can use our clairs to tune into energies from organisms or things in our physical world that emit frequencies we can’t typically perceive with our usual fab five. These may include: plants, flowers, trees, animals, and even crystals have their own unique vibration. The more sensitive, empathic, and/or in tune with your clairs, the more likely you are to pick up on these energies.

You may also pick up on different energies from things a little less tangible than plants or crystals. 

Clair development may allow you to pick up on other frequencies; peoples’ emotions, magnetic fields, spirits, or even beings from other realms. 

Clair development is a fundamental building block of strengthening your intuition. Whether you want to live a more divinely guided existence, talk to your deceased grandma, or just explore every facet of what your body and consciousness are able to do, this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned for the next posts in this series on the clairs.

We’ll explore each clair a bit more in depth, look at ways to jumpstart these extra senses, and by the end, it is my hope that you will better understand your unique gifts, and be able to use them to enrich your own earthly experience.

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