Intuitive Sessions

I offer a variety of intuitive sessions including Tarot and Energy readings, in addition to Healings. Please visit my ETSY shop for details and bookings.


I offer a variety of unique and individualized Tarot Sessions to shed insight into your life. Sessions are available for one, two, or three questions. One and two questions Tarot readings are available as typed documents. Three question sessions are available as a typed document or a private video reading.

If you’re looking to learn more about yourself or gain insight into a particular situation, check out The Wild Unknown Archetype Reading. This juicy reading tunes into the current Archetype you embody, what habits or energies you need to let go of, and what you need to turn up to shift into your place of personal power. 

Weighing options? Seeking balance through multiple opportunities? The Two Paths Tarot Reading is for you! This reading examines options through the lens of your current energies. It can illuminate your choices so you feel empowered in making a decision that is right for you.

If you aren’t seeing what you are looking for, contact me through the ETSY shop and we can design a custom spread just for you!

All my readings are detailed. More information is available under each listing in the shop.

Psychic Readings

Everyone has psychic, spiritual, or intuitive abilities that can be developed.

A “What are my Spiritual Gifts?” reading touches on your unique and innate intuitive abilities. The information that comes through for clients is so unique and personal, and can vary widely from person to person. This is always one of my favorite readings to do as I’ve encountered abilities I’ve never seen or felt before. This is a popular reading!

Similarly popular are Spirit Guide Readings. These readings touch on one or two members of your spirit team and give you details about their realm of origin, their appearance, what they help you with, how you can best connect with them, and any words of wisdom they wish to share. This information has resonated on a deep level with many clients. I have received reports of feeling a bone-deep recognition and the shedding of happy tears. Many clients report that they already have been seeing signs, and now feel better in the validation they received from the reading. Want to know who is walking beside you on your path? This is the reading for you!

Another unique reading is the Crystal Psychic Reading! I love helping people pick crystals to enhance their energies. You and I will work together to determine an area of focus for you according to your wants, needs, and goals. I will tune into your energy to see which crystal friends will best benefit you on your current path. The messages that come through talk about practical crystal use with a smattering of love and light from your guides. If you love crystals and are curious about which will best work with you, then this is your reading!

Energy Work

I offer a variety of energy work services including Intuitive Energy Sessions, Aura Cleansing Sessions, and Cord Cutting Sessions. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and I love Distance Reiki!

In an Intuitive Energy Session, I will tune into your energetic system and ask your Spirit Team to see what type of balancing and clearing session would best benefit your current energy and situation. This will take into account your auric field, major chakras, with an emphasis on examining astral debris that may be impacting your energy flow. Our goal is to clear that debris, get your chakras realigned, and to see you shift into your inner power. This is a big impact session and benefits anyone, particularly those who identify as empaths.

Another terrific session for empaths is the Aura Cleansing Session. These sessions clear your aura, major chakras, and boost the natural flow of your energy so you can easily sit in your power and project your gifts to the world. If you identify as Highly Sensitive, a Star Seed, or a Light worker, you will particularly benefit from this soothing session.

Cord Cutting Sessions

Cord Cutting Sessions are my most popular sessions. One reason they are so popular is the big energetic shifts my clients report feeling after these sessions. Cord cutting sessions are designed to target negative energetic enmeshment between two people. These dynamic healings curb the obstructive influence an experience or relationship may still have on you.

If you’ve had a negative or traumatic experience, or are in the midst of a difficult relationship-or in the aftermath of one- a cord cutting session can help get you feeling more like yourself. These sessions allow clients to move forward with new insight, and relief. Many clients find this experience very validating. Additionally, the relief can include some rather surprising results! Check out the listing for more detailed information on this beautiful session.

Finally, I love Reiki. Distance Reiki Sessions are gentle energetic sessions that help clear blocks in your energy system. These sessions allow you to sit down and relax (or take a nap!) while I do the work. At the end of the session we will have a phone call to discuss findings. You will receive a two page document detailing these findings afterward. You can also order a personalized Distance Reiki Video to stream or download and use as many times as you’d like!

As you can see, there are many options for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out via ETSY messages with any questions you may have.

I look forward to collaborating with you in the near future!