Leadership and Lessons: Evergreen Pick-a-Card Reading

Every now and again I am called to channel messages for the collective. This pick-a-card reading is one of those times. Keep reading to check out the results of this intuitive experiment.

The decks picked themselves, first animals, then crystals, and finally I Am Powerdeck affirmations. The cards told their own stories, and it became clear this was about leadership energy and lessons of stepping into alignment. This won’t be for everyone. If you feel a pull, scan the photo, close your eyes, take some deep breaths (exhale twice as long), and go with your gut.

Pile 1: The Eagle and Azurite

Laser-like focus, power, seeing from above, the Eagle’s Eye and even further. This is the pile for people getting things done from a place and perspective many never dreamed of. You are on top of the world and your vision can be used to help others-speak up and share it.

You have the wisdom, fortitude, and keen powers of observation to know when to speak up and when to sit back and watch. Let others squabble, and stay above the fray. Watch from the highest treetop. You are the person we all want in our corner. Big wisdom, cleverness, and groundedness at the same time. The eagle is your bird, the azurite is your stone. Keep their images tucked in your mind’s eye and heart, call on them to get your messages across. Learning the lesson of trusting intuition? To get there hold the azurite in your mind’s eye: your mantra: I Am Calm. You are. Floating above it all. This is the true space of power and mastery. Trust the wind, it’s time to level up.

Pile 2: Tiger and Brazilianite

Surprisingly intuitive, yet powerful. Fierce, and can have a temper about a cause or when someone crosses a loved one. Loyalty. This energy is of a person who has a ribbon of insight curling from their third eye and touching their heart space. Mama Bears, this is you. These powerful leaders are very grounded, and have healing energy. You are the kind of person who has everyone’s back. You are the leader we would follow into battle because you are really big softies at heart. You deeply care about others and are always willing to listen. Caring, nurturing, and fiercely loyal. Learning the lesson of flexibility? To get into the space of power where you are accessing your intuition, you need flexibility and calm. Get into that space with Brazilianite and the mantra: I Am Composed.

Pile 3: Peacock and Dioptase

Brilliant from the shadows; getting attention but maybe doesn’t always want it. This is the wounded warrior who needs to find their voice again. Get them behind a cause, and they will be an absolute dynamo. Steal the show. A leader you can follow. Take the cause away and they want to melt into the darkness and into the shadows. They are still there, but don’t need the limelight like others may think. Motivated by unity and their friends. Want to help others, but doesn’t want the attention. Doesn’t know their own worth. Devastatingly good looking or skilled. Complex. Push Me-Pull You. Learning the lesson of finding their voice again and reintegrating parts of themselves for healing and acceptance. For heart healing, there is the energy of Dioptase, your mantra is: I Am Peace. There is your heart space.

Pile 4: Cosmic Egg and Malachite

Unity and dreams achieved through healing the world. This is the pile for big dreamers and creatives. Others’ oriented. Wanting to make a change for good. The helpers, the collective. The people who lead groups, raise money, and donate it for charity. These people may be learning the lesson of healing; healing themselves so they are integrated and can heal others in turn. Their path may be lonely at times, they feel like they may stand out a bit from others, but they are more connected than they realize. They have true power in numbers. They are but one branch in the tree of the collective. Keep going self-healers. You are making a difference-a new world can be birthed from your collective. Malachite is your healing stone at every level, your mantra that births a new world? I Am Creative.


How did you do? Did your chosen pile resonate with what’s in your current energy or life path? Check out some of my other pick-a-card readings to test your intuitive development.

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