Test Your Intuition: Pick-A-Card Reading

Evergreen Reading 08/23/21

I thought it might be fun to try a little experiment. We’ve been talking about clairsentience, why not test your gut instinct? Let’s see how you work with your intuition…

From: The Wild Unknown Archetypes

Close your eyes. Go within. Take some deep breaths, make your exhale twice as long as the inhale. When ready, open your eyes and choose the card from the photo above that resonates the most with you. Is it a feeling in your gut, a pure knowing? Did you hear an inner voice urging you to pick a pile? If more than one card is calling to you, take the messages. 

Number one is left, two is the middle, and three is the right. Scroll below for descriptors. Take what resonates, and leave the rest. Cards and their channeled messages are revealed below…

Card Number 1: LXVII-THE STONE


The workers: energy flows through you. Pay attention to the niggle, and deliver messages when they are ready to be released into the world. You are being asked to step up and share your voice, your time, your energy with others. You matter! This is an energy of amplification and deep inner knowing. You’ll feel a shift into higher octane, it may leave you a bit drained for a period of time during this attunement. Trust in the universe. It has your back. (I’m also being told to mention the dog, whatever that might mean to some of you.)



Get ready for big changes. Embrace this as you’ve made room for this new energy by letting go of the old. The expansion happens as a direct result of release. Unshackling yourself. This isn’t moving forward blindly, but doing true inner healing. Feeling the feelings. Anger, grief, sorrow, Like Rumi’s words about the Guest House-each day brings a new arrival. Watch your feelings and know that “they may be clearing you out for some new delight.” This is the quiet beyond the tempest, time to broaden, expand, and step into your new self. Awaken. Open. See. Embrace. There is regeneration here. Hold yourself tenderly. Feel the joy in the sunshine. Welcome!

Card Number 3: XXVI-THE COMIC


We all wear masks from time to time. We hide who we are, sometimes because we don’t want to be seen, other times because we don’t want to see ourselves. Take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and pull off the mask. You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are loved. The eyes gazing back at you from the mirror are not just your own human eyes, but the eyes of everyone before you. Try to see yourself through the eyes of love; your guides want you to know that you are beloved, dear one. They are gazing back at you-allow them into your heart space. It’s time to deepen your connection. Consider this an invitation to the party.

What did you pick? Did you end up with more than one pile? How did you end up making your selection? Did anything in particular, resonate?

I hope you enjoyed the experiment-I’ll post others for practice here and on my Instagram account @theleafheartpath. Until next time.

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