Seven Steps to Develop Your Claircognizance Easily

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Claircognizance is a psychic sense defined as “clear knowing.” To someone who identifies as claircognizant, information about people and situations pop into their head, from an unseen and outside or interrupting source. Individuals who are claircognizant may receive correct hunches, but also “downloads” of pure information-in the form of words, phrases, sentences, or long blocks of data. 

Claircognizance can be a tricky psychic sense to work with, as the information received is often correct, but there is nothing tangible in terms of proof, to back it up. For example, clairvoyants might see validating information in the form of faces, people, situations, stories, movies, photographs, or places to help give credence to their messages. Clairaudients may hear voices they can describe in terms of pitch, timbre, speech rhythm, dialects, and other audible mannerisms-as well as the actual message itself. 

Claircognizants just know. This is the realm of pure information.

There are many signs that signal claircognizance is a dominant intuitive sense. There are also many ways to develop your claircognizance, some may be a bit surprising. In this article I’ll cover 7 ways you can work on strengthening your claircognizance.

Seven ways to strengthen your claircognizance:

One: Set an intention

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Set an intention with your spirit team. Think of this as setting permissions on an app. Once you give the go-ahead, your spirit team will work with you to further open that channel of intuitive messaging. By instigating interest, your team knows you’ve given the go-ahead to move forward receiving information via this psychic sense. Top off your intention by writing an affirmation, and reciting it throughout the day to maintain alignment with claircognizance. (Keep your affirmation simple, positive, and worded in the present tense.) As you start to shift into an aligned mindset, you’ll find yourself where you need to be to attract messages through claircognizance.

Two: Meditate

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 Like any form of intuitive development, meditation is key. I recommend beginners start with guided meditations, you can find several on YouTube for free. Some intuitive practitioners have developed entire albums dedicated to claircognizance development. However, if you are a bit further in your meditation practice, I suggest setting a timer for 5-10 minutes, and choosing an item to focus on. It can be a body part (your hand, the tip of your nose, etc.), a crystal, a feather, something you love from the natural world, or something you just see in the room around you. I often use a feather my spirit team gave to me.

I focus my energy on the feather while listening to the sound of water. If my mind wanders, I just pull it back to the feather without judgement. I find that the more I do this, the more intuitive information begins to flow through me-claircognizant information in particular. If you’ve set your intention, you are more likely to receive information in this manner. Keep a pen and paper handy, as information can quickly appear, and just as quickly flit away during meditation.

Three: Pay attention to the nudges

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Ask yourself on an intuitive level if something is right for you. When weighing decisions, check in with yourself, what pops into your head? Is it a green light, a big yes? Or are you getting a glaring stop sign, a big fat NOPE? Try working with a pendulum to see what the answer to a yes or no question is going to be. See if you know the answer before tuning into your pendulum work. Honor the intuitive nudges you receive and be sure to say thank you to your spirit team and the universe.

Four: Automatic writing

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Automatic writing is the practice of writing whatever pops into your mind without judgement. In writing classes I took in college, we would use this exercise at the start of class to loosen up and shift our brains from left analysis-paralysis thinking into the right brained creativity needed for allowing ideas out of the box. You need a quiet space, a pen and paper, or even a blank document on your computer will suffice.

Begin with a brief meditation to get relaxed, formulate a question or topic, and then put your pencil to the paper and just go. Write whatever pops into your head. Try swapping hands while writing if you’re having trouble getting started. Put your writing utensil in your non-dominant hand and see how that works for you; the bit of resistance that comes from working with a non-dominant hand can interrupt concerns over messages coming through, how things sound, so that information can truly flow.

While you’re writing, you may notice that you pop into a bit of a meditative or trance-like state. This is great, as you are less likely to shift back into left-brained thinking. The final step is to look over what’s come through. Try not to judge, especially when you are just starting out. You may find your handwriting is difficult to decipher or the messages jump around a bit, or sound odd. Remember, this isn’t your writing, this is you channeling claircognizant information. 

After years of practice, I have learned most of my channeled writing comes from my higher self, angels, or my spirit team, and they are always eager to connect! The more you practice, the easier this becomes. I had an interesting experience with a young man who had crossed over. He took over my hand and pushed the pencil himself. It was a little odd at first, feeling him using my arm, but he was able to share what he needed to. When I looked at the paper afterward, my handwriting had totally changed while he was writing!

Five: Dream journaling

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Many claircognizants receive guidance whilst in dream states. And many claircognizants groan at the idea of keeping a dream journal, BUT it is something that will help you monitor useful information that you receive.

If rousing yourself from bed to write down in your journal is too much for you, you can also record the information on your phone to review once you are up. Too often we lose the information quickly as we begin to wake. You want to get it out quickly. The more information you document, the more you begin to remember. And while you may have to sift through recycled dreams about your day, there will be more hits of claircognizance in your record. Not only are these insights helpful, but the log itself can be a pick-me-up when you have those days where you feel like you aren’t getting a lot. We all have those periods of doubt during intuitive development.

Six: Boundaries and acceptance

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In waking life, accept your instincts, embrace your gifts, and let go of the logic! Don’t judge yourself or allow your practice to become contaminated by others’ judgements. You do not need to tell the entire world that you are psychic or a medium. Decide who is let in, and keep those boundaries firm if others are unsupportive. As you grow into your gifts, you will find that the slings and arrows of others tend to bounce off more than they stick-it does get easier! Acknowledge when you get things right, and thank your guides and the universe for the insight! Like number five, you can keep a log of intuitive hits you receive during meditation or throughout the day to review at a later date for those periods of doubt. By setting boundaries and accepting your intuitive life, your abilities will soar.

Seven: The Askashic Records

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As you progress, ask yourself if Akashic Record reading might be something you are interested in. Many people who are good with claircognizance can delve into past lives or the Akashic Records for others. You may find that you are drawn into the Akashic Records already (a sure-fire sign to check them out!). I know a great program you can delve into Akashic Record reading, here. (I’m not getting any reimbursement for this, I just know this is a very thorough and well-planned out program!) When you begin working with the Akashic Records, this will cement your claircognizant abilities.

Time and Practice

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With time and practice, you may find that your ability to know answers and information has blossomed into a source you can trust without question. Keep practicing, and don’t give up if you are discouraged. You may be interested in learning more about some of the other clairs, such as clairvoyance, or clairsentience. I find once you begin working on one sense, the others start to open up a bit more too. Energy follows the path of least resistance, so keep working on opening your channels, you may surprise yourself at what you know!

Are you claircognizant? I’d love to hear about some of your experiences. Please share in the comment section below!

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