Spring Cleaning: A Seasonal Tarot Spread

At the time of this writing, it is inches from April, still snowing and the temperature has a windchill of 2° F. 

Even though Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo yet, it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Despite winter’s lingering grip, we’ve crossed Ostara’s threshold and change is in the brisk air. Change comes in all forms, whether we embrace it with open arms or not. That is one of Tarot’s gifts, the ability to see within and examine where we might need to transform, creating space for beautiful new energies.

I designed this Spring Cleaning Tarot Spread with the idea of transitions in mind, moving from winter’s grasp into spring’s embrace. With this softening comes the idea of letting go. Opening the windows and releasing stagnant air, decluttering our homes and spaces, and welcoming fresh new opportunities and perspectives.

The Spread

I like to use a mix of Oracle and Tarot cards for this quick spread. I recommend using a Major Arcana card to represent the first card; your SPRING ENERGIES or the theme of the upcoming months. Alternatively, you can use an Oracle card.

I tend to stick with Tarot for the rest of the spread. 

The second position is for DECLUTTERING. This is where you focus on the energies that currently need clearing out. What needs to be simplified, purified? Pitched? Weeded or uprooted?

The third card asks you to focus on PLANTING your intention for the upcoming spring months…what are you sowing? Planting? Is this what you want to plant? Can you open up your seed vault for some alternatives should you wish for a different crop?

The third position is for NURTURING these seedlings of intention. What can you do to help your intentions take root? What currently needs some attention? Tending? What things need to be done to encourage growth? Do you need to add fertilizer or compost to the soil? Is there existing growth that needs a bit of pruning? What needs to be earthed up and reinforced?

Finally, is the BLOOM card. After all is said and done you may ask yourself what’s blossoming? Sprouting? Do you need to do anything to encourage pollination?

You may also add in a final Oracle card for advice from your guides here, should you wish it.

I intended this to be Spring Cleaning, although the spread rather turned out like gardening, but that’s all part of spring energies, the promise of new growth and beautiful days to come.

You can check out this spread in action on YouTube, here.

Obviously, this spread can be used anytime that change is in the air, and you’d like some clarification on your upcoming weeks or months.

I hope using this Spring Cleaning Spread brings you inspiration and insight on your Tarot journey. I’d love to hear how you are interpreting your cards; share your experience with us in the comments below!

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