Spring Cleaning: A Seasonal Tarot Spread

At the time of this writing, it is inches from April, still snowing and the temperature has a windchill of 2° F. 

Even though Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo yet, it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Despite winter’s lingering grip, we’ve crossed Ostara’s threshold and change is in the brisk air. Change comes in all forms, whether we embrace it with open arms or not. That is one of Tarot’s gifts, the ability to see within and examine where we might need to transform, creating space for beautiful new energies.

I designed this Spring Cleaning Tarot Spread with the idea of transitions in mind, moving from winter’s grasp into spring’s embrace. With this softening comes the idea of letting go. Opening the windows and releasing stagnant air, decluttering our homes and spaces, and welcoming fresh new opportunities and perspectives.

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