The Tarot

The Tarot: Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

I was always fascinated by spirits and ghosts; the idea that others were watching over us. 

That there was something bigger than us, watching and helping from beyond.

I remember being very young and sitting at the base of a large maple tree in the backyard and wishing I could hear the angels who were watching over me. 

When we visited our summer cabin in Michigan, I could feel a man, a land guide, who would greet me in the woods. He felt like coming home, and my soul was at ease in his presence. 

…I know this next tidbit of information is considered controversial in the spiritual community…

…but  when I turned nine, my mom got me a Ouija board as a gag gift. My friends and I would get out the board and planchette and see who was with us, and if we could get names. We even got the idea to audio record our sessions on my boombox to see if we could hear anything (hello, 1980’s). We had no idea about EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) or any clue about what we were doing. Once, we did get a name. We didn’t get the board out very often, just for fun every now and again, and because we felt we were connecting with something bigger than ourselves.

I was gifted my first set of Tarot cards, The Rider-Waite deck, when I was about 15. I was so excited by the prospect of being able to gain insight from angels or spirit guides. I remember futzing around with the cards, frustrated over how difficult it was going to be to memorize what all 78 cards meant. 

This was the early nineties, and we didn’t have access to the Internet and information the way we do now. Everything was trial and error, and the selection of Tarot books at the local library left much to be desired.

I found myself frustrated pretty quickly. As compelling as the Tarot imagery was, it wasn’t enough to balance Tarot burnout. The sheer volume of information I felt I’d have to memorize was too much. I wrapped the deck up and put it in a safe place.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that one of my aunts was a practicing Tarot reader. I knew her first job, but not that she loved the Tarot. This was a second stream of income for her, and she was successful with it. (This was my aunt who pressed the piece of rose quartz into my hand as mentioned in the post on crystal gridding.

This got me thinking. I decided I should give the cards another shot. (I knew there was a reason I didn’t gift the deck to a friend!) 

So I got the cards back out and dusted them off.

I started to notice that when I shuffled cards and placed them face down in rows in front of me, I had a compulsion to run my hands over them slowly. When I hovered over specific cards, my hands would heat up. I knew those were the cards for my spreads.

And that’s when things got really interesting…

The cards that were somehow producing this heat in my hands would end up being exactly what answered my questions. They started to tell a story…

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this card-selection technique was a sign of clairsentience and also was a big neon sign about my healing abilities.

I relied on this technique for years until my spiritual awakening. As I developed my clairsentience, I was able to rely more on my gut. Now as I shuffle cards in my hands, I can feel the cards singing to me. Poor choices feel void of energy. I also hear a “yes” or a “no” if I need to double check a sticky card.

I was not wildly clairvoyant when I started utilizing the Tarot to answer questions. It was all imagery and gut instinct. 

And it worked. I finally had that connection I had longed for as a little girl. The answers were easy to read and understand.

I have a few more tools under my belt now, and reading Tarot for others is one of my absolute joys. I love being able to shed light onto issues for my friends and clients. Working with the cards is such an energy boost, and it is easy.

If I can do it, you can too!

This is the first of many posts about Tarot. In fact, I’ve created a separate page just for it! It is my hope I can shed some insight into how you too can easily read the Tarot.

We’ll examine Tarot decks, the major and minor arcana, archetypal imagery, spreads, numerology, astrology, and using our clairs to tie it all together in a reading.

You don’t need to be wildly psychic to read Tarot. 

Learning Tarot isn’t something that happens overnight, but if you have an interest in working with the cards, and it’s something that feels good for you, you’re in the right place!

 I can’t wait to work with you!