What’s Your Spiritual Name?

A powerful recurring vision I’ve had with clients is about ancestry. This doesn’t always imply blood ties; more often the paths we walk, the ways we honor ourselves, and the seeds inside our hearts that want to bloom open and spill out their petals of purpose, acts of service, or creation. 

This vision always shows lines of humans, one hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. Up mountainsides, down valleys, stretching across vast deserts, and the deep oceans.

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

It is a claiming. 

I have seen this over and over in readings about family dynamics, but also about healers, artists, and people of service. 

For the first time recently, I saw myself in such a line, smack dab in the middle of a group of faceless people, our lineage stretching back over miles, across eons. I faced forward, and in front of me, the line continued just as far. My own hand rested on the shoulder of someone, as I passed on my wisdom and healing through them. I don’t know who they are, nor do I know who came before me. Just that I have been claimed, as others who follow me will be.

A New Name

Part of the claiming was the name given to me.

Early on in my spiritual awakening, I was meditating at home. In a clairvoyant vision, I found myself in a familiar spot in the woods. A morning bright sun was streaming through the trees, brighter than it should have been as it was late afternoon. I blinked in the blinding light as the silhouette of a human approached. 

When their face at last blotted out the glare, I could see that they were completely flayed. 

No skin, except for the hair on their head, and their upper and lower eyelids. Their heart was in front of their rib cage and muscle, beating away. 

I looked up into their calm eyes, and while they initially were rich brown, they changed color to match mine, a blueish grey. It was then I realized their deep-set eyes matched mine, their face was my face, and that heart that was beating had a fern leaf curled around it was beating in tandem with my own. I heard a voice tell me my name was Leaf Heart. And that I would walk the Leaf Heart Path.

Photo by Ileana Skakun on Unsplash

For days afterward, I could not shake that vision. I felt the claiming in my muscles and sinews, the marrow of my bones. I felt the calling of a healer; one who walks in nature, and works with the natural elements. I heard my new name and allowed it to marinade. It took me years to muster up the courage to walk in this new direction. (And I had plenty of my own healing work I needed to do first before I could help others.) But, the time came; I accepted my name and the work that goes with it. 

I’ve taken my place in line.

There will be others after me. I have neither given birth in this lifetime, nor will I pass on my DNA, but these people in front of me, are part of me. Bones whittled from the same trees, skin grown from the same soil, spirit passing through us all like the western wind. Many more will come, and shine their light into the expanse of darkness, allowing their purpose to seed, erupt, and be born from their heart-spaces.

My question to you is this; if you had a name given to you by your ancestors, your Spirit Team, your Higher-Self-what would it be? And what does your name mean to you and those who follow?

You don’t need to be a healer or spiritual to earn a new name. You can think into your deepest desires and wishes, what is it that you want to be born from your heart? What is your new name?

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